A Preview of Hong Kong Major Fall Asian Contemporary Art Auctions

Monday October 4th, 2010 holds 2 major Auctions of modern and contemporary Asian Art by Sotheby’s and Seoul Auction.
The auction house’s slate this fall is particularly strong.

But from the viewpoint of Beijing, which is eager to take the temperature of the Contemporary art market after en uneven spring and summer, the sale to watch is Sotheby’s Monday offerings of Asian contemporary art. Key names from the catalogue are important pioneer of Political pop Yu Youhan to auction superstar Zhang Xiaogang.

Despite the upbeat results at the spring Chinese contemporary art auctions in Hong Kong, in particular the Christie’s May sale, and the wildly successful Art HK art fair, the market of recent work has not yet recovered from the worldwide economic slump. Art fairs from Taipei to Seoul to Shanghai have told the same story; the market is at best treading water, with deep-pocketed collectors continuing to hang back. That may change after good performing equity markets during September 2010.
We will soon find out, so stay tuned for more reports.

One of our star artists Huang Gang is represented at Sotheby’s with lot 321 estimate US$ 19-26.000 for a 2004 painting 60×55.5 cm. and lot 623 two star paintings, dimensions 105×105 cm for estimated US$ 39-65.000. EAG has 2 available work for sale. Look at our website. More info is available at www.sothebys.com

Lot 716 has a great and large piece by Feng Zhengjie.
We hope for an exciting Monday at the auctions in HK.

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