Low Berlin rents attract young Chinese artists

A growing number of young Chinese artists and art students have been moving to Berlin in recent years, attracted by the German capital’s rich mix of cultural life and low-priced studios and work facilities.

In 2010, 70 Chinese art students are enrolled at Berlin;s elite University of Fine Arts in Charlottenburg, while 772 Chinese students are registered at the nearby Technical University.
One student is quoted ” Here I attempt to realise my own ideas and concepts in the contemporary art field therefore I do not draw my ideas from the classic Chinese art tradition”.
Berlin is known for its popular German artists that mushroomed during the 80’s with its “Neue Realism”.

With this influx of Chinese students and artists, a few galleries are opening their horizon and specialize in emerging young Chinese artists.
Well, the city is so vibrant culturally so it could produce a new mind of Chinese art paintings, far from the known “cynical realism” and “policital pop’.

“Meeting” installation by Chinese sculptor Wang Shugang

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