Chinese Art Advise

Wired magazine in the UK thinks Chinese contemporary art is a better investment than Private Equity. To get some guidance, they went to Amsterdam to consult with Roman Kraeussl, VU University’s emerging art market expert;

” The newly rich in Asia have no cultural background, they did not study philosophy or art history, but they have distingguish themselves from the other newly rich,” continues Kraeussl. ” how did they do this? With art” Kraeussl says that artists who left China after Tiananmen Square, but who have since returned, are the most bankable. ” They still care about their country; they learnt in the US or Europe how to really paint and create; and in their work they have situations from the Chinese culture”.

Keith Wallace, editor of the contemporary Chinese art journal Yishu, says, ” The recession in 2008 opened up a space for a younger generation to emerge.”

Eight Art Gallery agrees and we follow very closely these new emerging artists.

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