Investment in Chinese Contemporary Art

Chinese contemporary Art has taken the art world by storm. Over the past decade, the market for Chinese contemporary art experienced enormous growth and is one of the most sought-after form of contemporary art in the world, because it is new and refreshing. In 2010, China had a Fine Art annual revenue of $ 3 billion in contemporary art sales, making it number one in the world. A well planned investment into Chinese contemporary art is a safe one at the moment and the market shows no weakness ahead.
The market for Chinese contemporary art is extremely strong in many art communities all over the world, especially in London. There are entire contemporary art galleries in London, Zurich, Paris and Malmo whose primarily focus on Asian art. Chinese contemporary art is faithfully known to sell out at whatever auction is taking place in London, even if the main supply is moved to Hong kong by the large auction firms. Artists like Yeu Minjun, Cai Guoquing, Fan Lijun, Zheng Fanzhi and Ai Weiwei sell their art for millions of dollars all over the world and are among the most successful artists in the industry today. Many art collectors will even keep multiple works of Chinese contemporary art. Businessman and Chinese contemporary art collector Uli Sigg owns between 2,500 to 3,000 artworks of Chinese contemporary art. The return of investment in the Chinese contemporary art market is remarkable and not only does it show no signs of slowing down, it is actually still growing.
Experts are forecasting the market to keep growing for the next ten years. However, it is important to remember that even the safest of investments require careful planning for success.
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