Art and its Myths

Look at this picture. It looks like someone breathed life into a Chinese painting. Many of us grew up thinking such cranes, like the dragon and phoenix, were mythical and not real. These birds are majestic and have been the subjects of Chinese art since time immemorial. Their snow white bodies appear whiter against shiny black feathers. To see these birds in the fresh mountain snow, you will have to remind yourself you are indeed not in heaven but knowing that the cranes has a meaning of long life. Art has a way of blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Coming face to face with a subject of art in real life is not unlike seeing a celluid star in the flesh.
Classic Chinese art has used subjects perceived as auspicious in the East. The tiger, horse, carp, goldfish, lotus, peony, mountain and water were popular. They will remain popular behind a brush stroke as a message for the most populous nation to push art to the edge.

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