Zhang Xiaogang’s new Sculptures


I need to revert on these new sculptures with better pictures and I find it extremely interesting but not surprising that one of the most desired contemporary Chinese artists are experimenting with sculptures on the family portraits he in known for. Zhang claims he sees them as three-dimentional paintings and it has gone through a long time of planning. The idea started five to seven years ago.zhang-xiaogang-young-woman-green-s

He wanted to integrate the two medias of painting and sculpture but realised later that the concept of the work itself is more important than the medium. The sculptures are made in bronze and in USA and one reflection is that the paint on the bronze changed the perception of the material.
Zhang has now added New York as his new living and working place, besides Beijing.zhang-xiaogang-young-woman-gold

Pace Gallery is presently having the exhibition with a few paintings and his new sculptures.zhang-xiaogang-young-girl-no-3

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