Huron Foundation Exhibit Chinese Ink Art in London

Qiu Jie

Huron Art Foundation’s first exhibition in London is called “Circle Lines” and celebrates Chinese contemporary art by featuring art works by 15 artists including Qiu Jie (above), Mao Lizi, Shen Fan and Wang Tiande (below). Huron is a publishing and event company based in Shanghai, and dedicated to support emerging and established Chinese artists. The Title “Circle Lines” is coming with the background that it brings together a group of artists who share commonality of experience, academic training grounds and friendships. The exhibition also agrees to the fact there is a dynamic “full circle” movement among artists in China today to go back to tradition and innovate it and to explore brushstroke in ink through a multitude of media – from oil painting to burning of paper and even ballpoint pen.

Wang Tiande 2016
The idea behind the Hurun Foundation is to promote Chinese contemporary art to both a domestic Chinese and an international audience. They want to tell the story of modern China through the eye of contemporary artists.
Within ten years, the Hurun foundation will have promoted 300 Chinese artists.
I wish we had more similar foundations like Hurun in many countries.

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