Chinese Artist at Art Basel

Hao Liang was shown at Beijing’s Vitamin Gallery’s booth at Art Basel and his exquisite painting resembles a treasure from the golden age of Chinese art history – but it is not what it seems. This painting was made by a rising star of contemporary art, Hao Liang.
While other artists of his generation have been experimenting with the latest technologies, abstract and avant-garde approaches, Hao has dedicated himself to absorbing techniques from Chinese art history.
This painting arose as a playful reaction to Ingre’s 1856 masterwork ” The Source”, a portrait of a naked young woman in a trickling grotto, pouring an amphora of water over her shoulders. Hao decided to transliterate this into the Chinese tradition, only as its opposite: illustrating an old man sitting on a rock, looking out onto a wide open body of water with typical Chinese landscape as background. It is painted on silk, using tiny brushes to create multilayered washes of color in the mode of traditional landscape painting.
Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York recently acquired his work as a testament to collectors of the Chinese contemporary art scene to say his career is just beginning to take off.

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