About us

Eight Art Gallery works with Chinese contemporary art, mainly oil paintings. Representing artists that are recognized as up and coming in China. Unique and exciting is the Gallery’s motto.

The development of Chinese contemporary art after the Cultural Revolution has been unique. This art is increasingly becoming introduced on to the world art market. The growing interest at art fairs and auction houses confirm this.

The time to present Chinese contemporary art to Scandinavia and the rest of Europe is now.

2 Responses to About us

  1. Daniel Yun says:

    To the people at Eight Art Gallery. I chanced on this blog and saw a post on Feng Zhenjie which is taken word for word from my blog, Homerun. You should at least attribute it to my blogpost. Feng Zhenjie is a personal friend of mine and some of the photos taken personally by me while some are sent to me by him.


    • Dear Daniel,
      Sorry for that and I will instruct my staff to either quote the source or ask for your permission. I know the artist quite well also so no harm to promote him in a positive passion.
      Happy Holidays!

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